5 Best NBA Players That Were NCAA Tournament Champions

March Madness has arrived. Many people are wondering who will be crowned champion on April 8th. Well these NBA players know what is like to be the last one standing.

Michael Jordan

As a Tar Heel, Michael was a 2-time All-American, a Naismith Award winner, and Wooden Award winner. Jordan also had his number retired after playing there for a solid three years. In his freshman year, 1981-82 season, he, James Worthy, and Sam Perkins took their team all the way to the National Championship. In the game, Michael played 34 of the 40 minutes, 16 points, 9 rebounds, and a late GW shot to seal the championship. The history of the GOAT had begun.

Magic Johnson

You can not talk Michigan State Basketball with out using the word Magic at least once. He helped them to their first NCAA Basketball title in the 1978-79 season. He was 1st-Team Consensus All-American and won the NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player. In the championship game against, a Larry Bird led, Indiana State team, he put up 24 points with 8 for 10 from the line. A great player and a greater man.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Then, Lew Alcindor, was the college greatest player to ever live. He was coached by the greatest basketball coach ever, John Wooden. He was a 3-time champion, a 3-time 1st-team Consensus All-American, and a Naismith award winner. The man was a beast at UCLA. In all of the tournament play, he totaled 304 points with 201 rebounds. In his last championship game against Purdue, he dropped 37 points on them Boilermakers. Kareem was out of this world and deserved what he got in the NBA. One legendary player.

Bill Russell

The only player on this list that did not go to a big name school. He attended San Francisco and carried his team to two national championships. He was also a 2-time 1st-Team Consensus All-American. In his two championship games he averaged 26 rebounds and 24.5 points. Those are unheard of stats these days. He is definitely the greatest player to come out of the CBA conference.

Patrick Ewing

In the age of the Big East, Patrick Ewing and Georgetown were a very great team. The coach he had, John Thompson, was a great coach for him to have. He made Patrick into an unstoppable force down low and on defense. He helped lead the Hoyas to a championship in 1983-84 season. Ewing had 9 rebounds, 10 points, and 4 blocks in their win against an Olajuwon led Houston Cougar team. As a Hoya he received many honors such as: 3-time Consensus All-American, Naismith Award winner, Rupp Award winner, and 2-time Big East Player of the Year.

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