5 NFL Players I Wish I Was Alive to Watch in Their Primes

I was born in 2003. I would say I would say I’ve comprehended the sport of football since I was 6. I remember watching a lot of great players such as: Ray Lewis, Peyton Manning, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, and Tom Brady. But, I wish I was alive to see some other great players. I know I would have been a fan of the following people.

Lawrence Taylor

I’m a big fan of seeing a QB get whacked. Taylor did it a lot. Throughout his career he sacked the QB 132.5 times. I’m also a fan of good players. Not saying I’m a bandwagon but, I cheer for teams that aren’t having constant 5-11 records. The 10-time Pro Bowler also has those traits that pleased by me. The trash-talking with this man was A-1. I know I would be a New York Giants fan in the 1980s.

Bo jackson

I’ve already have had a Bo Jackson obsession in my life. When the 30 for 30 came out, I probably watched 2 times a week. I love a player who cannot be tackled. Those players are the interesting players. When Marshawn Lynch came around, I was a huge fan and he is the lesser version of Bo. The old Oakland Raiders would have been the team that all the people liked in my area. I would definitely have one of those black and silver jerseys and I would rock it with pride. Let’s just say, “Bo Knows.”

Michael irvin

I know I would love the way the Miami Hurricanes would play. Any player that came out of the U that would be remotely good, I would like. I’m a fan of the flashy. Michael is a flashy dude just because he can get those receiving yards. I like playing Madden with a guy like Irvin. He would be a must watch player for me.

Deion Sanders

Prime Time. Who wouldn’t be a fan of him? The flashy man would make the must watch list. I would also, definitely rock one of those black Falcons jerseys. Man, I wish I could see him play.

Jerry rice

He had the QBs. He had the TDs. He was the greatest WR ever. He will never be touched. The dynasty would be a great part of my life. I like players that have the legendary work ethics. That’s why I like Kobe. Man, #80 would be unstoppable if he were to play in any era.

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