5 Best Rivalries in College Football Right Now

Everyone loves when two historic teams play each other. College Gameday is in town and Kirk Herbstreit is calling the game. Nothing is better than that on a Saturday night. Here are, in my opinion, the 5 best rivalries in college football right now.

michigan vs. Ohio State

The most historic battles of college football. It seems like these games always tend to matter late in the Big Ten season. Most of these games are entertaining no matter what the score ends up being. Last year, the big win of 62-39 was still an entertaining team for anyone who was watching. 13 TDs is entertaining for a guy who likes scoring like me. FYI, Ohio State has a 7 game win streak as of 2018 season. But, people have just claimed this matchup to be one of the best in all of sports because of the matchups that have been had. If it was Bo Schembechler vs. Woody Hayes or Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyers. These two teams have had a great rivalry.

Auburn vs. alabama

At the end of the season, when rivalry week comes around, and these two teams are playing on CBS, I am definitely sitting in my chair and watching this game. Auburn always seems to give Bama a run for their money in this Iron Bowl matchup. Always future NFL players in this game. Combined, there are almost 75 players in the NFL before this upcoming draft. Many big names have played or coached in this game. Bo Jackson, Cam Newton, Nick Saban, and Bear Bryant are all people that have been involved in this rivalry. There will be many more to come. The Iron Bowl is always a must watch when it comes around.

Alabama vs. clemson

These two teams are never scheduled to play each other at the beginning of the season. But, everyone knows they will some how still meet in the College Football Playoff. They’ve played in each of the past 4 CFPs. In each of those, the winner has become the National Champion. This rivalry is the greatest rivalry if you just look at the past 4 years. No one has put up records like these. It is a mutual respect kind of rivalry. Never any real hatred for each other. Game always respects game at the end of the day.

Michigan vs. Michigan State

I would say this is the most underrated rivalry in all of sports. I claim the rivalry rejuvenated back in 2007. Idiotic Mike Hart, after a 28-24 Michigan win, he called Michigan State Michigan’s “Little Brother.” Following that comment Michigan State has won the Paul Bunyan Trophy 8 of the past 11 meetings. Maybe people should look at it a little different now. FYI: I’m a born and raised Spartan fan. Go Green!

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

When a rivalry has their own term you know you are doing something correct. Bedlam, has not truly been an even series with OU whooping them in the series record. But, when they play each other, you know they will have a rowdy attendance and some pretty good players. The past two Heismans, Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield, have played in this rivalry.

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