The Most Underrated Draft Class of the 2000s: 2009

This may be the most guard powered draft class ever. Two future Top 10 All-Time Players. The Greatest College Basketball Player ever. 6 All-Star players. Here is a break down of the draft.

best player of the draft: stephen curry

The 7th overall pick, seemed to have been over looked being the 3rd point guard drafted. But, the 2-time MVP has clearly had the most success in the NBA. Curry, is 3rd All-Time in three-pointers and has already been called the greatest shooter ever. He has built his career on people over looking him. I think Golden State would be the best place for him and his career if the draft were to be redone.

Steal of the draft: Jrue holiday

I guess I couldn’t have the same player twice. So, Jrue falls into this spot for Steal of the Draft. Drafted 17th by the 76ers, he has proven to be a solid guard in this league. The All-Star has learned what it’s like to share the rock with big name people. He has played with the likes of Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins as a Pelican. I think if he were to have a good supporting cast again he would be more than a 1-Time All-Star.

Biggest bust of the draft: Hasheem thabeet

Clearly the biggest bust of this draft. He was drafted ahead of 5 All- Stars and 32 players who played in the NBA longer than him. Out of the draft, he was compared to Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutumbo. He now is listed to be a bigger bust than Darko Millicic. He really just needed a coach that knew how to develop bigs. He had teammates like Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol who could have easily shaped him up to being a stud for their team. Something to think about.

Other Notable players:

james harden

The 3rd overall pick, was a clear stud at Arizona State. He won Pac-10 Player of the Year and was a Consensus All-American in his final season as a Sun Devil. He is a clear MVP candidate this season and is part of the most mysterious What Ifs ever. Imagine if they decided to keep him instead of Ibaka. I would say a dynasty would be happening in Oklahoma City right now instead of Golden State. The Beard definitely is a great player.

Demar derozan

The former Trojan went 9th overall to the Toronto Raptors. The 4-TIme All-Star has proven to be one of the best players of this draft. DeMar made Toronto one of the biggest basketball cities in the league. He deserved better when they got rid of him for Leonard. He was greatly appreciated in the 6 and will be a great player down in San Antonio.

Blake Griffin

The #1 Overall Pick was a clear superstar right out of the gate. He won the Rookie of the Year and has been a Human Highlight Reel his whole career. Sure he might not have been the best player in the draft, but, he was still worth being drafted #1 by the Clippers. He turned Los Angeles in to Lob City and almost into a potential dynasty with Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan. Always a must watch player.

Tyler hansbrough

Arguably, the greatest college basketball player ever. At North Carolina, he was a 4-Time All-American, a Wooden Award winner, a Rupp Award winner, and a Naismith Award winner. It’s just too bad it did not pan out in the NBA. In his 7 season career, he played for 3 teams and averaged a solid 14.3 points per game. He could have been a great player.

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