5 Players I’d Love To Have On My Team in This Upcoming NFL Draft

I would not, necessarily, call this draft a deep draft. But, I believe these top 5 players could be future NFL stars.

Kyler Murray

I do believe that Kyler Murray may have a little too much hype. But, I think he is also very talented. Haters do talk about how short he is. I think his mobility will be a huge factor in his NFL career. Which is usually not a great attribute for players with long careers. I just think he could be a starting QB on a Super Bowl team. Hopefully, he lives up to his hype and has a great long-lasting career for a winning team.

Quinnen Williams

Quinnen can definitely be a great defensive line player in the league. He is fast with a 4.83s 40-yard dash. He also played the defensive tackle position at Alabama. He has the speed that’s .01s better than JJ Watt, the edge rusher. All I could see is him being a great NFL star one day. Hopefully he becomes a stud for whoever gets him.

Nick bosa

Nick Bosa is the brother of the other Bosa in the league, Joey. He literally looks and plays exactly like his brother. It will be another brother pair, Watts and Bennetts to name a few, that are in the league. Nick sat out 11 games because he wanted to prepare for the draft after his core injury. The upside is high with him but, I could also easily see it going the other way. Hopefully, it doesn’t and becomes better than his brother, Joey.

Devin white

Devin White is definitely a team leader on the defensive side. I can easily see him playing for a Super Bowl winning team and being the team captain for that team. He has that look to him that just reminds me of great players. He has the smarts to keep him in the league for a while. I think he will have a great Pro-Bowl career.

N’Keal Harry

Sorry D.K. but N’Keal is definitely the best WR in the draft. He carried his team in college. He didn’t even have a great supporting cast. He has shades of the great WRs in the league. I could see him being one of those guys that become Mr. Reliable late in games. I think he is definitely the most underrated players in the draft. I think he can be able to play with that chip on his shoulder that most do in the league.

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