Why the Pistons Ruined Their Season at the Deadline

I’m a true believer in teams either tanking or going for a title. The Pistons could not decide what to do. The Pistons have the front court to make a run in the playoffs but hardly any true support from the backcourt. I would 100% not have trust in Reggie Jackson or Wayne Ellington to hit shots towards the end of the game. They were clearly a guard away from being good even at the end of last season.

When it came down to the deadline, rumors were swirling that Pistons were in talks with the Grizzlies for the dealing of Mike Conley. If the Pistons could have reached a deal, he would definitely be the guard needed in Detroit. Not sure if the cap would have worked out, but if it did, the Pistons made a huge mistake.

The transactions they did make may have proven costly. I liked that they got rid of Stanley Johnson and received Thon Maker from the Bucks. Stanley was just not working out in the Motor City. I also liked that they got Wayne Ellington who has proven to be their starter. But, I disagree trading Reggie Bullock for practically just a second round pick in 2021 from the Lakers. He would have been able to space the floor a bit more than it is now. He may not pay out in Los Angeles but, he would have been a key role player for them now.

I think the Pistons did not know they would be a projected 6 seed in the Eastern Conference after the trade deadline. I think Dwane Casey has done a good job turning this team into a playoff caliber team. They will definitely have an exciting 4-1 series first round bounce when it comes to the playoffs. Hopefully, they can decide what to do when it comes around to the upcoming offseason. I think with a smart offseason they may reach the second round next year.

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