How Texas Tech Can Beat Michigan State

It is known that the Red Raiders have a very good defense. I think they will have to limit the Spartans transition points. The Spartans have succeeded when they have been able to get behind the defense. Time and time again, as seen against Duke, even after opponent’s baskets such as this play:

The Red Raiders, if they want to win, will need to work hard on transition defense. Also, I believe the Spartans biggest flaw is the amount of turnovers they give up. Against Minnesota, they turned the ball over 22 times. That isn’t great.

The player that can’t be stopped in Texas Tech is Jarrett Culver. Tom Izzo will most likely put Matt McQuaid on him. McQuaid has been their best defensive player. The senior will go on a run but, Jarrett must not be rattled. Culver has been their best player throughout the season. He clearly will need help but, if he is being locked down, they have no shot against the rolling Spartans.

There is a clear shot for them to win. But, no one knows until the game will be over.

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