The Battle of Defenses: 2019 Championship Game

One of the greatest nights of the year is always the Men’s College Basketball Championship game. I think this game is going to be entertaining if you like defense. This game is going to go pretty fast with not a lot of fouls and some real good defense of play. Here’s a breakdown of each team.

Virginia Cavaliers

Going into the tourney, everybody thought this one seed would end up choking by the end and never make it to the championship game due to their past. Virginia became the first one seed to lose in the first round to a sixteen seed last year against UMBC. Half way through the first game of the tournament against Gardner-Webb, people thought they were going to do it again because they were down 6. Then they decided to play some ball and won the second half by 21 and win the game 15. The next game against Oklahoma was probably their easiest game of the tournament. Their Sweet Sixteen game against Purdue was definitely one of the greatest non-Final Four/Championship Game ever. Mamadi Diakite pushed the game to overtime with the biggest last second shot of his life. Then they were able to slow down Carsen Edwards in OT and escaped with a win. When they played Auburn, it felt like they had full control of the game until Ty Jerome went out with four fouls and Auburn erased Virgina’s lead and took a four point lead for themselves. Kyle Guy saved the day late with 6 points in the last 10 seconds of the game with three free throws to put them ahead after a foul on a three pointer on Samir Doughty and win the game. Now they will play for their first title ever.

Virginia’s Key Players: Ty Jerome, Kyle Guy, and DeAndre Hunter

Ty Jerome is their facilitator and team leader. He runs the point and without him they are lost. He needs to keep his head and stay out of foul trouble.

Kyle Guy is the only reason that the Virginia Cavaliers are still in the tournament and are playing for their first title. When it comes down to it, he will be the difference maker based on the amount of threes he hits. I say, if he hits 4 or more they will escape with a title if not it will be a tough match for them.

DeAndre Hunter is definitely Virginia’s best NBA prospect with the physical size to guard any forward and center on the court. If he can go for 10 points and 8 rebounds they will win the game.

Texas Tech

This Red Raider team belong here, but, shouldn’t be here at the same time. No one predicted them getting there. They beat Northern Kentucky as expected. But, people saw them hold the best offensive team of the regular season, Buffalo, to 58 points and won by 20. Then they played an ugly game against the Michigan Wolverines holding them to 44 points and another win, this time by 19. Most people did not even seeing them getting past Michigan and then played, and matched up well, against the Gonzaga Bulldogs. Rui Hachimura and Brandon Clarke were trying their hardest but, they needed a little more help that they didn’t receive and the Red Raiders continued onto the Final Four. Unexpectedly, they faced Michigan State in the Final Four. It was another ugly Texas Tech game with a lot of dry spells throughout the game. They won the game because shots weren’t hitting and Mooney decided to carry the team to victory all by himself. He finished the game with 22 points. Now they are also moving onto their very first title game in school history.

Texas Tech’s Key Players: Jarrett Culver, Davide Moretti, and Tariq Owens

Jarrett Culver is the star of the game. He is the only top 10, maybe top 5, player in the upcoming draft that’s playing in this championship game. He was held to ten points in the Michigan State game. He will not be able to do that again if they are going to win the game.

People were surprised when he only had 5 points against the Spartans. He is their best shooter on the team and averaged 11.4 points per game throughout the season. He will need to be relied on when they need a big three. Must be able to knock it down.

Tariq Owens played his heart out against Michigan State. I never saw a player get that beat up and keep pounding. He had his Willis Reed moment when the crowd roared as he came out. He will need to play like he did and control the paint if he wants to do his part to win the game.

Final Prediction

Score: Virginia Cavaliers 66, Texas Tech Red Raiders 54

Future Headline: Ty Jerome takes over the game with 16 points in the second half in victory over the Red Raiders.

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