The Quarterblogger’s All-Americans

There are many rankings out right now. Awards are being given. But, these awards go to the best of the best. Here’s the Quarterblogger’s All-Americans.

PG: Cassius Winston

Cassius deserves the position as All-American due to his leadership. He clearly is the best point guard in the country. He is a little undersized and kind of unathletic, but, without him, the Spartans would have been an eight seed at best. His strength of leadership helped the injury riddled team to a Big Ten Tournament Championship and a Final Four. I think he should return and be an All-American again next year. He can still improve and hopefully, the team stays out of injuries. Can’t wait.

SG: Carsen Edwards

I know he is not considered a shooting guard but he deserved an All-American award. Carsen’s performance in the tourney was literally the best since Kemba Walker in 2011 with the UCONN Huskies. I wish he had made it further and was super close to making it further. In fairness to others not on the list, he did average 19.5 field goal attempts per game. But, it proved he deserved it and averaged the most points per game when it mattered, in the postseason. Hopefully, he succeeds in the next level.

SF: RJ Barrett

RJ definitely was underrated in his stay at Duke. But, when you play with the best college athlete ever, it makes sense. He averaged 22.6 points per game and played each and every game of the season. He was supposed to be the star player going into the season. It seems kind of like a disappointment but, he will still be a top 5 player. I think he will succeed in the next level based on the way the league is going and could be an All-NBA player sometime in his career.

PF: Zion Williamson

Not much to say. The new “Human Highlight Film” is the best player in the nation. Watch out NBA.

C: Tacko Fall

He may not be deserving of the position of All-American, but, he’s TACKO! I fell in love with a guy that can dunk the ball with only getting on his tippy toes. He’s a freak. He can easily become the most popular G-Leaguer or his career as an engineer. I would love to actually see him in person. Whatever he does, I hope he succeeds.

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