The Quarterblogger’s All-NBA Teams: Pre-2019 Playoffs

If this seems a little different, it’s because I won’t break it down by position. These are, straight up, the 15 best players in the league right now based on this seasons stats and their effect to their team.

First team (5 Best players)

Giannis Antetokounmpo

To me, he is the best player in the NBA and deserves the MVP trophy. If you were to take him away from the Bucks, they may not even make the playoffs. I think he has proven who he is this year by taking this okay Bucks team to the best team in the league based on record.

James Harden

Either one of these top 2 players are definitely going to be the MVP this year. Harden has had his runs during the season. I’d be fine if he won the MVP, but, to me the meaning of Most Valuable Player is being the most valuable player to their team. If you were to take Harden away from the Rockets and replaced him with a role player and did the same with Giannis, I would say the Bucks would be worse than the Rockets. Thus, Giannis deserves the MVP over Harden.

Stephen Curry

There is clearly a drop off between the top 2 players and the third. But, Curry, the two-time MVP, is definitely the third guy. He is the guy, when going gets tough, the Warriors rely on him. He is the greatest shooter in the world. He deserves this spot.

Paul George

Earlier in the season, it felt like PG was definitely in the running for the MVP trophy. He then had a little slippage and fell off just a tad. He still was the forth best player this season. Going into the season, people thought he would continue to be the secondary guy. But, he still maintains that position and has become the greatest #2 ever.

Joel Embiid

This season proves “The Process” is in full motion now. Embiid has been the master of “The Process.” He has done what he needs to do to win games. Hopefully, they can succeed in the playoffs. I think he is an underrated player that deserves more attention on the court. He will show people what’s up when playoff time comes rolling in.

second team (6-10)

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is one skeptical guy. People say he is the best player on the Golden State Warriors but, everyone knows that the team is Curry’s. Hopefully, he pushes that to the side when the playoffs come in a can keep the dynasty going. When offseason comes around, I believe he is gone and we will see what he can do with his own team hopefully. I don’t want to see him join another super team.

Kawhi Leonard

Going into the season, people wanted to know if he would come off as rusty or not. But, when you are a top 10 player, you’ll never be out of it. He has proven that he is still a great player and has brought happiness to the 6. Hopefully, he doesn’t leave. He would be greatly missed even though they have a great future with Sikam at the forefront.

Nikola Jokic

I believe he may have been the biggest surprise player of the season for the good. Jokic has looked like a new prototype player with his size and his court vision. He averaged 7.4 assists per game and received his first All-Star spot this season. Can’t wait to see his future.

Ben simmons

I’m going to just say this, “If he had a shot he could be a first teamer.” Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk. He has been able to get anything he wants around the rim and can guard any position on the court. I think he still can improve which makes him very scary for the future of the NBA.

Russell Westbrook

The former MVP is very underrated. He again averaged a triple-double which was unheard of a very short time ago. I believe that stat is going to be known later on in life. He’s very underrated.

third team (11-15)

Damian Lillard

Now this is where it gets dicey. Sure, LeBron doesn’t belong on the list because he only played around 2/3 of the 82 game season and missed the playoffs. I think Lillard has shown up in the later games of the season when Nurkic and McCollum went out and it was his team. That later play helped them get a solid playoff spot that wasn’t expected when they went out.

D’Angelo russell

This was not expected. At the beginning of the season, if someone told me the Nets would make the playoffs and be a six seed, I would have laughed in their face. Due to Russell’s ice in his veins, the team has been the most improved team in the league just by the look of the eye. D-Lo deserves the Most Improved Player award.

Blake Griffin

Sure, the Pistons play like a team that are trying not to tank but, at the same time, tanking. I would say the team is in a state that no team wants to be in, that limbo state. But, Blake has the twelfth most points per game. When watching the Pistons, many times he does things that a man that type shouldn’t be able to do. Him and Drummond have been the only bright spots on that team.

Klay Thompson

I’d say, Klay has definitely improved over the season and the beard has been working. I believe that he is going to be the most important target for the Warriors to return this upcoming offseason. He has been a great shooter his only career and the splash bros are one of the best duos ever to touch the same hardwood. Hopefully, the Warriors aren’t going to be dumb this offseason.

Bradley Beal

After John Wall went out for the season, everyone had their eyes on the Wizards to see if they were going to deal Beal. Luckily, they did not. He has been able to help the team a lot. With him on his own, the Wizards were 19-26 (Before last game against the Celtics). With the second best scorer left on the team being Jeff Green, that’s pretty good. I think he deserves this spot.

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