Quick Reactions to the Game Ones of Round One

Not necessarily the most interesting basketball games compared to the first two days of the NCAA Tournament. But, that’s not what’s supposed to happen. I’m writing this as the Rockets and Jazz are just getting started. I’d say their has only been two really entertaining games thus far. Read further to check which two I thought were.

76ers vs. nets

QThe Sixers won’t be able to win if they play like they did. Period. I don’t think they’ll play like such, but, if they do, they’re done. For the Nets, I’d say they need to play through Russell for obvious reasons. He has brought them this far. The pressure will be on him to keep it up.

Note to the Sixers: Don’t let Amir get on his phone and distract their best player, Embiid.

Raptors vs. Magic

This is one of the two games that I missed. I literally turned on the TV right after DJ hit the shot. I was on the road and couldn’t catch a glimpse of it. Obviously, the game with the late game-winning shot was the most entertaining game so far. I’m not really interested in watching the Magic. I don’t think they’ll win another game this series.

Note to the Raptors: Don’t worry. Lowry will not go scoreless for the rest of the playoffs.

Warriors vs. Clippers

QThis game was by far the most entertaining game I watched thus far. When Curry is going, there is no other player that can do what he does. He always makes games interesting. Also, good play out of Lou Williams and Harrell off the bench keeps me intrigued. I’m not sure if the Warriors will lose a game in the series, but, the Clips will keep the Warriors on their toes.

Note to the Clippers: Just have fun. Get the ball to Lou and let the man work. See what happens.

Nuggets vs. Spurs

I wasn’t surprised when I woke up and saw that the Spurs had beat the Nuggets pretty easily. The Spurs are that one team that ends up winning a series because they have experience and the opponent doesn’t. When you have one of the greatest coaches of this era, that kind of stuff happens. If the Nuggets want to win, Jokic is going to have to get more than 10 points in the 36 minutes he will play.

Note to the Nuggets: Game 2 is a must win. If you lose, it will be tough to get a win and bring the series back to Denver. Watch out for the veterans of the Spurs. PLAY THROUGH YOUR STAR, THE JOKER!

Celtics vs. Pacers

While watching this game, I was flipping back and forth with the Masters and this game. (Normally, I don’t watch golf. By normally, I mean once a year I’ll watch a Sunday of golf. But, when Tiger is being Tiger, you kind of have to watch.) This game was definitely a game of runs. It seemed like the Pacers controlled the first half. But, came out slow in the second half and the Celtics were able to take advantage. I would not expect Marcus Morris to put up another 20 point game for the rest of the playoffs. But, due to their depth, the Celtics could have 6 others capable of scoring twenty in any given game.

Note to the Pacers: Play like you played in the first half for the rest of the series and you win. You don’t, you’ll have no shot at passing the Celtics.

Trail Blazers vs. Thunder

The Thunder were super close to stealing home court advantage from Portland. Though, the Blazers deserved the win, the Thunder almost were able to grab it if it weren’t for the later turnover by Adams/Westbrook (depends how you look at it.) I’m glad that Portland was finally able to grab a win after being swept in the past few years. The guard play will be crucial for the Blazers. If Lillard and McCollum don’t outscore George and Westbrook, they will not win.

Note to the Thunder: Do not go 15% from the three point line ever again.

Bucks vs. Pistons

Definitely the worst game of the weekend. Didn’t even watch the second half. Sure, I may have missed Drummond being ejected and Giannis dunking from the free throw line. But, I knew I was going to catch the highlights of the game on Bleacher Report. I think this series is over.

Note to the Pistons: Write a letter to the Pistons fans saying sorry. Write a letter to Adam Silver saying, “We will not be playing the rest of the series. We are preparing for the NBA Draft.”

Rockets vs. Jazz

I’m just going to predict what is going to happen. Right now, the Jazz are down 13 with 3 minutes left in the first half. Harden is heating up. So here is my prediction, the Rockets won’t pull away until the the last 6 minutes of the game. But, Harden will hit threes late and the Jazz will lose by 17.

Note to the Jazz: Let anyone but Harden beat you. Keep Harden to under 25 and that’s a win for you.

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