3 Most Underrated Players in This Upcoming NFL Draft

The draft is right around the corner. Many people will be tuning in to see who their favorite team will draft. I have players I would like to see land on certain teams. Here are my 5 most underrated players in the draft.

Noah Fant

People think that Fant is not even the top tight end coming out of Iowa that is in this draft. I think he has shades of a great tight end. He is the most athletic tight end in the draft. He won’t be your third down, need one yard, “go around the strong tight end” player. Watching him throughout his career at Iowa, he has been a trusted vertical route late in games. I’d love to see him on the Lions next year. I’d say, if they could trade back to the mid 20s, he will be available and would be a stud in the league.

Felton Davis

Anyone watch any Michigan State football in the past years, he has been the best player on their offense. Late in games, every MSU fan wanted him to get the ball. Too bad that they didn’t have a great QB. He is coming off an injury, but, if you look at any of his tapes, you’ll see definite shades of one long-term all-time great player. Check it out. Leave a comment of who he plays like. It’s very obvious to me.

Greg Little

Going into the season, a lot of people thought he was going to be a great offensive line man. He was. He played and started 12 games and only allowed 1 sack in the whole last season. For an SEC offensive lineman, that’s insane. Most people project him going in the second round. If he falls that far, I’d say that’s a very good steal of the draft. He will be a great player in the NFL.

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