The Daniel Jones Mishap

The draft is always a fun time when it comes around. I have watched every draft ever since I could remember. It always interesting seeing people’s future decided for them televised on ESPN and now ABC. (I never would and have never watched it on NFL Network because… well it’s just not entertainment on NFL Network) With all my experience of draft watching, I haven’t seen fans this mad since the New York Knicks picked Kristaps. Well, if Daniel Jones becomes the Giants’ version of Kristaps, they would be very lucky. I don’t see this guy becoming a star win the NFL.

It is clear to me, along with everyone else in the NFL universe, the Giants have messed up. They picked Duke quarterback, Daniel Jones, with the sixth overall pick in the draft. Going into the draft it was clear they were going to take a quarterback in the first round. But, everyone expected them to either take Haskins over Jones with the sixth pick or pick Jones with their later 17th pick and take a defensive threat. When the pick came up, it seemed like they were actually going to pick Josh Allen, the edge rusher out of Kentucky. That would have been a good pick. The Giants, though, picked Jones with sixth pick. Luckily, there were able to pick up an underrated stud out of Clemson, Dexter Lawrence. He had issues that prevented from playing in the College Football Playoff.

I think these Week 4 and Week 16 Redskins-Giants games will be must watches to see who really won the draft. Not sure if Jones will be starting anytime soon, but, Haskins will definitely be on his A game against these stumbling Giants.. Look out world, Haskins definitely has a chip on his shoulder.

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