Top Questions Needing Answers Heading into the 2019 NBA Offseason

I know people out there right now are wondering, “Why are you talking about the offseason, Carson? The playoffs are still going. The Warriors and Rockets are playing. There’s plenty of content to make before the offseason begins.” Well, I just have this in mind. These are the most looked into questions going into the 2019 NBA Offseason.

What Teams Will Take The Next Step?

I’d say there are two very young teams that could very easily take the next step during the offseason: Atlanta Hawks and Sacramento Kings.

I believe the Hawks are a little more ways away from making the playoffs compared to the Kings. They will, most likely, have two lottery picks in this upcoming draft. They could either see if anyone is willing to trade and try to get some players that way or could continue to draft young talent. Collins and Young look like they can easily be All-Stars by the end of their careers if they keep up the good work.

The Sacramento Kings were the ninth best team in the West this season. Not a great place for them, draft wise, but definitely not expected. Going into the season, I questioned if this year they could take a step forward and finally get out of the bottom ten teams in the league. Well they did. Then Vlade being Vlade, got rid of their coach. Walton, I feel is a great replacement, though. I would not base his career on what happened in LA. That place is insane and LeBron, the coach killer, adds another victim. He will definitely have something to prove in Sacramento.

Who Will Win the Number One Pick? (Where Will Zion Go?)

Zion has definitely been the best prospect in my life time. I was born 5 months before LeBron was drafted by the Cavs. I think those two had the same amount of hype. So, clearly, whoever gets the first pick would be insane if they don’t take Zion. It was hard to go a day during the season and not hear Zion come out of anyone’s mouth. He is such an attention grabber and the true human highlight film. The question will become, if the Knicks get the first overall pick, will they try to create a package to get The Brow from New Orleans? I’ll talk about that later.

What moves will the LAkers Make?

It looks like Tyronn Lue will replace Luke Walton. The former LeBron coach, knows how to win with LeBron. This would be a different story if the Lakers can not get another stud. In Cleveland, LeBron had Kyrie and Kevin Love, two All-Stars. But, in LA, there are no All-Stars besides LeBron. He needs another player. If it’s a guard like Kemba or if it’s a trade for Anthony Davis, they will need to get someone else that has experience.

Who Will Get Anthony Davis?

It has been clear since January 28th, that The Brow wants out of New Orleans. That is when Rich Paul, his agent, told ESPN that Davis has no intentions on resigning with the Pelicans. Davis was later fined $50,000 for tampering due to Paul’s relationship with LeBron and the Lakers organization.

Well, the Lakers kind of screwed up. The Celtics were not able to make any moves because they couldn’t make the trade for Davis due to the Rose Rule. The Pelicans knew this and weren’t going to make the trade unless they were going to be blown out of their shoes. I don’t know about you, but, I would trade multiple unproven players for a for sure NBA All-Pro. He’s the best PF in the league, now he may fall to a different team.

It seems like the Celtics have the assets to make the trade worthwhile for both sides. It will be interesting to see if Jayson Tatum will be involved in the trade. Over the regular season, Tatum’s stock seemed to dip a little with an understandable sophomore slump. It seems to me, the Celtics just have too much depth. I say Gordan Hayward, Jaylen Brown, and Jayson Tatum make it hard for Stevens to balance the minutes. I think if one of them are gone next season, they will be instantly better.

(Davis to Knicks talk in next question)

What Is Going to Happen in New York?

Usually, a team with the worst record never gets this much hype going into the offseason. Well, when a prospect like Zion has an opportunity to go to New York City it makes sense. Also, with the cap space they have the ability to sign someone of great magnitude in addition. With the idea of the lottery, if the Knicks do not secure the #1 pick, a question may be, do they have enough to trade for AD? I’d say so. Let’s say they get the second overall pick. I’d be fine if I’m the Pelicans if I get RJ Barrett, one of the Knicks young guards (Smith or Franky Smokes or Mudiay), and a future first for a player that doesn’t even want to play for my team. It just will rely on the Celtics capability of trade.

Will KD, Klay, Kawhi, and Kyrie stay or leave?

I believe the Warriors will only be able to keep one of these superstars. It seems like Kevin feels like he still has something to prove to the world. Not sure if he will team up with a player like others are thinking. I think he will have to go somewhere that makes it his team. Even though Kevin may be the best player in the world, Golden State is definitely Steph’s team. I think Kevin will leave and Klay will stay.

Klay, to me, is the most important signee for the Warriors to target. You can not break up the Splash Bros. Jordan and Pippen should have never been broken up. Thus, Thompson and Curry should never be broken up.

Everyone was wondering last year, where would Kawhi land. He and Danny Green made their voyage to the North in a blockbuster trade for DeMar DeRozan and others. I believe he is the most mysterious players in the league. With that being said, I can’t really tell you what he will do. I’m not sure if he likes it in Toronto but if they make it to the Finals, why would he leave. They still will be growing for the next few years with the sudden stardom of Siakam. If he were to leave, I would not know where he would go. I feel like the best decision would be to sign a contract where he can make a decision in two years if he wants to return or not.

Another mysterious player, Kyrie, seems to be 50/50 if he’ll stay or leave. I think he is loved in Boston at times. A lot of people see him teaming up with another big name player, but, I would definitely stay one more year if I was in this situation. The team could look different in a year. I could see this team being really good. I also could see this team being very mediocre. There is a lot up in the air. If they trade for Davis, who else would be gone? Will Hayward be more like Hayward from the Jazz next year or will he be just another overpaid injury-ruined player? Will Tatum and Brown still be on the team? Many questions will still need to be answered in the following year.

So, if you have any other questions, please DM me on Instagram @thequarterblogger . I will answer everything. If I have a common question, I might do an article on it. Stay Tuned!

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