Kawhi Leonard: The Best Comparison to Michael Jordan in the NBA Right Now

Today, as I was in school, when comparing players to other great players with my friends, I feel like Kawhi Leonard plays exactly like Michael Jordan. Sure, he may not have as many rings. Sure, he hasn’t been regarded as the best ever. But, when watching highlights of both the players, Michael was a master of the mid range. This postseason, Kawhi has been at his best from the 10-20 feet range. Kawhi has a little less athletic ability than Michael Jordan, but, he still has the will MJ had to get to the basket. Kawhi also has the defensive prowess to take on the best player on the court. Kawhi has been awarded the Defensive Player of the Year two times in his 8 year career thus far. Well, MJ had Pippen, an all-time great defender, to do that for him, but, MJ was still a great defender for his time in the 1990s. If Kawhi keeps up his great career, he most likely will be a Hall of Famer and hopefully win another title.

DM on Twitter @Carson3Williams if you disagree.

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