What’s Happening Next for the Boston Celtics

Last night, the Bucks defeated the Celtics to cap off the end of a disappointing season. Going into the season, people saw the team being favorite to come out of the Eastern Conference. I was one of those people. Too bad for the team chemistry issues and drama surrounding the team. With this team, there are many pathways for this team to go. Here are my thoughts on what they should do.

Keep Kyrie or No?

Sure, this past season Kyrie did put up the most assists per game of his career during the regular season. He also led the team with points per game. But, when the going got tough in the playoffs, in the losing games against the Bucks, he had averaged only 5.25 assists per game and, in the elimination game, he only had 1 assist. That’s terrible for the team’s leading ball handler. I’d say that the team was better last year in the playoffs without him. He doesn’t deserve all the blame for the season. But, he caused so much turmoil throughout the season that most of the team’s fans have turned on him which is understandable. It also felt like last night was his last ride in a Celtic uniform just based on the team’s emotions and body language at the end of the game. So, I say he moves on.

Where To?

Most people believe he will be going somewhere in the east. The Knicks seem like the logical choice. They have the cap space to sign a second superstar, which Kyrie seems like he wants. I think he needs another star for him to team up with. They will also have a future with the odds for them to get a top pick in the draft and the possibility of landing the star of the draft, Zion Williamson. There are other options out there, but, I believe the New York Knicks will be the best option for the star player.

Trade for AD?

It seems like the Celtics, with all of the assets they own, have the best opportunity to land the six-time All-Star. Sure, if the Celtics were going to land him, they would need to give up some assets that they may not want to get rid of. After the trade deadline came and went, the Pelicans made it seem like the Lakers didn’t give the offer they were looking for or they were waiting for the offseason because the Celtics wouldn’t be able to keep Irving and trade for AD. Also, people were still wondering if the Celtics would give up Tatum or Brown based on their potential and it seemed like Tatum still had more upside than Brown, which still is seen by some people. But, now they might have to give up some more assets due to their play in the Bucks series. Who knows what will actually happen? But, I’d say the Celtics have too many players in that position with Hayward still there. One has to go if they are going to do what they need to do and win. Another trade asset could be Horford to throw in to match contracts and he’s getting a little old at the ripe age of 32. It may be time for him to move on as well.

Resign Rozier?

I’d say Rozier will be a good backup guard wherever he goes or if he decides to stay. But, if they will have to pay $20 million for him, I’d say that would be a little too much for them. Also, if Kyrie moves on, you can not expect him to stay and replace Kyrie’s points and play. But, if he does stay and becomes a starter with not having to be pushed too hard for points, he may be a better pass first point guard than Kyrie due to the fact Rozier knows he isn’t the best player on the court. He will also be able to re-use his name Scary Terry and hit some big shots.

Hopefully, all goes well. I’m not exactly a fan, but, I like good basketball and I’d like to see that coming from Boston. I am, also, a fan of what Brad Stevens does as a coach, he just had a rough season. I’d like to see him turn it around next year and maybe make the Finals.

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