Top Questions After the 2019 NBA Quarterfinals

A very entertaining round of NBA basketball has just been completed. Some people say that the Finals have already been played, Warriors-Rockets matchup. That’s just how people understood the series as. The Bucks were able to finish a very disappointing season for the Celtics in five games after Pierce said they had no chance after losing to the Celtics in Game 1. The other two series went to Game 7, which is always the best way a series can finish based on the point of view as a true basketball fan. That may be why I love March Madness so much, every game is Game 7. The Nuggets-Blazers series had a wide variety of games. The two teams played a 4OT game, a blowout game, and multiple close games throughout the series. It was one great series. I am writing this as the Raptors and Sixers Game 7 is happening so, I can’t really recap that series because I don’t know who won the series. Here are my top questions following the 2019 Quarterfinals.

Is this the last game in a celtic uniform for Kyrie?

Due to the reaction of most of the fans in Boston (aka listened to the Bill Simmons Podcast), I do not think Kyrie will be back in Boston next year. They had very high expectations going into the season due to their play without Kyrie and Hayward during the playoffs last season. They definitely played better in the playoffs last season. Sure, it seems like Tatum hasn’t played as well this season compared to last season. But, I think Kyrie brought the overall team chemistry down in Boston and caused a lot of pot stirring in the locker room which wasn’t really needed. I believe the Celtics best move is to let him walk or sign-and-trade him. It’s just time to move on and part ways.

What losing western CONFERENCE team will improve most in 2019-2020 season?

One of the biggest questions following the Game 6 loss against the Warriors, for the Rockets, are the Rockets title hopes gone? I’d say it will be tough. James Harden had one of the best seasons a player could ever have. But, they still weren’t able to get passed the Warriors in the second round. Soon, Chris Paul will start to get old and fall apart as all players do at some point in their careers. Was this the last quality season for Paul? We won’t know until next year, but, it very well could’ve. Though, next year, the Western Conference could look very different. A superstar could join the Lakers and LeBron which could lead to them being very good next year. But, Kevin Durant and Klay could be leaving the Warriors and go to an Eastern Conference team which can weaken the West. The Rockets will still have to improve if they want to champions though.

For the other team, the Nuggets, they were able to surprise many and become the second seed in a very strong Western Conference. They will still need to improve next year if they want to get to the next level. Unlike the Rockets, the Nuggets do have a lot of growing still to do. Michael Porter Jr., their 14th pick in the 2018 Draft, hasn’t yet played due to his injury in college. So, as long as he is back to his normal self when he comes back, they will instantly improve as he’ll replace Torrey Craig in the starting lineup eventually. If they could clear some cap space and get a solid veteran to lead all of these young guys, it would prove to be instrumental.

So, I believe the Nuggets will improve the most next season. I think the downfall of Paul will be sad for the Rockets just because they know how close they were, but could never get over the hump and get passed the Warriors. I believe the Nuggets can still grow next season which will put the Western Conference in a state of uneasiness. If Jamal Murray can be more reliable, they will improve their stock greatly.

when will the warriors injured stars come back?

In the Clippers series, Boogie tore his quad which usually means he won’t be back for the playoffs. But, this is one player that came here to win a title and he wants to be apart of it. Reports are out saying that he should be able to return in the Western Conference Finals. In Game 5 of the Rockets series, Kevin Durant reports said he has a mild calf strain. Reports on that came out saying, he most likely wouldn’t be available until deep into the Conference Finals. I’d say, right now, without Kevin Durant and Boogie Cousins, the Warriors would be an even matchup with the Blazers due to the even backcourt duos of the Splash Bros and CJ with Damian. But, as soon as the Warriors get one of their injured stars back, they should pretty much be unstoppable by any team left in the playoffs. The worries are, if they were to bring back their stars, what if they get injured again or they aren’t back to their normal star-caliber player. Hopefully, they don’t have to worry about that and can get passed the Blazers with ease.

What guard Duo Will prove to be the best?

These two teams have deserved their spot here in the Western Conference Finals. They definitely have to great backcourt duos. I’d say, the winner of the series, has the best duo. Simple as that. It’s hard to find differences on the offensive end. Klay is the better defender among all of these 4 players. Steph has been a two-time MVP in this league. Damian may be in the running for third place in MVP voting this season. He has had one great postseason too. McCollum has also been very good in the league. He also has a podcast I listen to which is very good called Pull Up. Without Kevin Durant, the Warriors will have to rely on these great players to create the magic. That’s why this series will separate the men from the boys. If the Blazers can run with them, that’s because their backcourt duo would be putting up stats. It’s going to be very interesting.

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