Why My Favorite Player is Draymond Green in 2019?

I was 9 years old when Draymond Green was drafted with the 35th overall pick by the Golden State Warriors. I’ve been a Michigan State fan out of the womb. My father is a Michigan State graduate and he’s taught me what it’s like to be a Spartan fan. Draymond is the first good Michigan State player that I can remember watching. I think that connection makes him my favorite player alone. I hate when people think I’m a bandwagon because I wear Warriors stuff, as known now, I clearly have been a fan since Draymond was drafted in the 2012 Draft. But, I also love the way he plays. He doesn’t truly care what people think about him. He plays with the chip on his shoulder that he got from being drafted in the second round. He plays like a modern day version of the Detroit Pistons Bad Boys. Being raised just outside of Detroit, my dad was a big Bad Boy Piston fan. He then passed his wisdom on to me. (Rick Mahorn is the best comparison of my play right now in my AAU league, FYI.) I believe that is also who Draymond was taught to be like, or Dennis Rodman. Draymond, also, plays very selfless. I hate ballhogs. Draymond is the opposite of a ballhog. Thus, Draymond is my favorite player of this era.

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