How Fred VanVleet Has Become My Favorite Player in the NBA

So, I went on a trip to Toronto over Memorial Day weekend. It just so happen, the Bucks and Raptors were playing in the Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals. (FYI: Top live event I’ve been to in my 16 year old life and includes two Big Ten Championship game victories for Michigan State, my top team) In that game, I really embraced the Toronto spirit and became a Canadian for the day. Emotions went through the roof and I have became a Raptors fan. (EVERYONE, I’M OFFICIALLY A RAPTORS FAN NOW!) I am now a big Fred VanVleet fan now too!

He has become my favorite player for many reasons. He hits the big shots when Kawhi can’t. When I told my mom I wanted a Fred VanVleet jersey, she thought I was crazy. Well, mom, he came in second for the Finals MVP (only other player voted). I love his story. From being offered only two D-1 offers to being an undrafted player out of Wichita State to b being one of the most important bench players on a championship team. Got to love the grind that Fred has. He will always have a special place in my heart and all Raptors fans. Also, he has this run of good play due to the birth of his child.

Note to Fred: If you could be so kindly and show me where I could get a Nike Fred VanVleet jersey, that would be much appreciated.

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