Football Talk Friday: 10/25/19

Due to my goal to write more, I’m going to make this a weekly thing… hopefully. I’m currently watching the Vikings-Redskins game and just thought of this:

How to fix the NFL Scheduling issues

Out of the three primetime games this week, I only really want to watch the Sunday Night Football game. Two weeks ago, the Packers-Chiefs game really looked good but, with Mahomes most likely out, the game’s interest went down. We can all say this: Dolphins-Steelers is not going to be an interesting game along with this Redskins-Vikings game.

The NFL should adopt a strategy more like how College Football does their scheduling. I suggest they pick the times and days the games are going to be played four weeks ahead of the games. This will allow coaches to plan for a shorter/longer break between games and it will add more entertaining primetime games in an ideal world. It will also give incentives to the owners to have good teams because if your team is really bad, they will not be playing primetime games which should lead to a loss in revenue if I know how money and tv work.

For example, four weeks ago the Dolphins were 0-4 and the Steelers were 1-3. This would not be a good game, so it wouldn’t have the Monday Night Football primetime spot. The top tier would be getting the primetime spots which would most likely be: Packers-Chiefs, Eagles-Bills, and Browns-Patriots this week The middle tier of games would be played during the 4:00 slot. Finally, the bottom tier would be played during the 1:00 games.

To figure out the tiers, I’d say they would be based on the total wins in the matchup. But, there will be exceptions. Such as, that one Week 17 game every year that has a playoff spot on the line. It will clearly be the last game played that Sunday. Another example, London games are predetermined going into the season along with the first four weeks of the season.

Tweet at me, @officialcarsonw, if you like the idea or want to suggest an adjustment. I will retweet and/or respond to all.

Fantasy Football Update

The Farm of Goats are clicking on all cylinders right now. I have the second most total points in two of the three leagues and I’m in second in the league in two of the leagues as well. I also made major trades and acquisitions that are going to improve the squad tremendously:

National Fantasy League (2-5)

Note: This PPR league is an eight person league with $140 on the line

Added Aaron Rodgers for Kyler Murray as a backup to Lamar Jackson (starting Aaron this week because Lamar is on a bye)

Added Mohammad Sanu for Delanie Walker (no longer needed because George Kittle has already had his bye and Sanu will be a prime target when he gets adjusted to the Patriots playbook due to Gordon being sent to IR)

Added Panthers D/ST for Chargers D/ST (don’t know why they were available but, got them)

Williams League (4-3)

Note: This PPR league contains six players and one is my grandma (a very relaxed league).

Traded Russell Wilson (Lamar has started for my team the whole season), DJ Chark Jr. (never started him, not confident in him), Evan Engram, and Austin Ekeler (No trust in him) for Kyler Murray (needed a backup in return), Nick Chubb (the player I wanted most), Chris Godwin (top player to make sense to trade for Russell), and George Kittle (replacement for Evan Engram but, better.)

Added Steelers D/ST for Chargers D/ST (Steelers have had bye and they are playing the Dolphins this week)

Added Courtland Sutton for Terry McLaurin (With Emmanuel gone, I expect the 11th best WR to improve even more)


Note: This league is a twelve person standard league with $240 on the line.

Added Chase Edmonds for Demarcus Robinson (obvious reasons)

Added Joey Slye for Adam VInitari (don’t know why the top K is available on Thursday)

Added Mason Rudolph for Matt Bryant (don’t know why I had two kickers and it’s a low point for Baker Mayfield when Mason Rudolph is getting the fantasy start over him. I rather have a player coming off a concussion and playing the Dolphins over Baker, who I drafted before I drafted Lamar, is playing the Patriots. All makes sense.)

Not expecting dubs this week because the #1 player in the league is on bye and on all of my teams. But, I’ll take them if I get them.

games of the weekend

Not a very highlight filled weekend ahead but here it goes.


13 Wisconsin @ 3 Ohio State

Possibly a Big Ten Championship preview. For being the hardest game on each of the teams’ schedules, I expect both teams coming out swinging. Last week, Wisconsin lost in Illinois, which was the best example of a trap game. I expect them to come out on a mission. But, they are facing, arguably, the best team outside the SEC. Ohio State should roll with Wisconsin and pull out as victors if they are as good as people think they are. It’s going to be their first real test of the season and it’s going to be a game to learn from for both sides.

My Prediction: Ohio State 38, Wisconsin 20

Player of the Game: Chase Young

8 Notre Dame @ 19 Michigan

Jim Harbaugh should know that he is coaching for his job right now. I’ve never seen a ranked team’s offense play, throughout the season, as bad as Michigan’s offense this year. Good news for them, they just played their best game last week. Bad news, they fell to 5-2 in the loss against Penn State. I don’t know much about Notre Dame (only have seen their game against Georgia where played pretty well in a loss), I just know if they can get their offense rolling, they should have no problem with this game in the Big House. I expect a lot of depressed Michigan fans when I go to school on Monday.

My Prediction: Notre Dame 31, Michigan 17


Packers @ Chiefs

This game would have been more interesting and intriguing if Mahomes was playing over Matt Moore. Nonetheless, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will be calling this Sunday Night game (as always). Aaron Rodgers is surprisingly underrated right now. To me, he is the hottest player right now. He’s taking his 6-1 Packers into Arrowhead coming off of a six touchdown game. I think he should shred this terrible Kansas City defense along with a great rushing day from Aaron Jones too.

My Prediction: Packers 35, Chiefs 13

Player of the Game: Aaron Jones

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