Football Friday: 11/1/2019

As I write this, the 49ers are beating the Cardinals 14-7 at the two minute warning before the half. I think the 49ers are stuck in the hardest division in the league, here’s why:

NFC West: The Toughest Division in the NFL Right Now

The NFC West could possibly produce three playoff teams. To me, the undefeated 49ers could be the third best team in the division. They are 7-0 but have played a pretty easy schedule. Out of the seven games they’ve played, five of those have been against below .500 teams. Their schedule is going to get harder with only two more games against below .500 teams. I’m not crapping on what they’ve done so far. I’m just saying they are going to have a tough road ahead and I’d expect them to start slipping up a bit.

To me, the best team in the NFC right now is the Seattle Seahawks. They have the MVP right now, Russell Wilson, throwing balls with the best of them. They’ve been able to get the running game with Chris Carson going as well. Also, it seems like they really haven’t been missing Doug Baldwin due to Tyler Lockett stepping up. Finally, the trade for Jadeveon Clowney has helped tremendously and I expect his impact to boost even more as the season continues.

We can’t forget about the Rams. They were the NFC Champions last year, but have came out a little slow this season. Todd Gurley was a possible MVP at the beginning of the season last year. But, he’s been slipping. Currently, he has the 27th most rushing yards with the 23rd most rushing attempts. I wouldn’t be too afraid because he had his most rushes two weeks ago and has had one or more touchdowns in each of the last four weeks. But, I would be afraid of the play of Jared Goff. He currently does have the most passing yards in the NFL right now. He also has the most INTs thrown while being an above .500 team. It will help that they added Jalen Ramsey but it could hurt that it came with a cost of Talib and Marcus Peters who have been their best defensive backs.

The Cardinals also are surpassing expectations. I expected them to be a 3-13 team at best. I really didn’t expect them to have three wins already. I had little to no faith in the offensive line and absolutely zero faith in their defense. But, to be 3-5-1 after Week 9, I’d call that a win for them.

Incase you were wondering, here’s what my rankings of toughest divisions to be in right now are:

  1. NFC West
  2. AFC South
  3. NFC North
  4. NFC South
  5. AFC West
  6. AFC North
  7. NFC East
  8. AFC East

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