Football Friday: 11/8/19

This week has been and is going to be a very interesting week. Here’s why:

Nick Foles to Start in Jacksonville

On Tuesday, the Jaguars announced that they are going to start Nick Foles coming out of the bye week. I think they messed up twice.

First, I think they should have made the decision to trade Foles at the deadline. I think Foles to Chicago makes sense on both parts. But, it wouldn’t go through because the Bears organization wouldn’t be able to face the fact that they traded up to the second overall draft pick in the 2017 NFL Draft for the next pick, two third round picks, and a fourth round pick for Mitchell Trubisky (ahead of Mahomes, McCaffery, Watson). Now, two years later, he is the most laughable QB in the league and they would give up on him.

Second, Minshew was doing better than expected. He was the last QB drafted being drafted in the sixth round of last year’s draft. You wouldn’t expect Clayton Thorston, drafted 11 picks ahead of Minshew, to do the same thing. As a starter, Minshew went 4-4 with only four interceptions and thirteen passing touchdowns. I’d let the season play out. I don’t think, either way, the Jaguars will get to the playoffs and they are definitely not winning the division.

CAM Newton to IR

Some people are debating if Cam Newton has played his last game as a Panther. I think he very well could have. Earlier this season, Cam Newton looked scared out there on the field, very inaccurate, and very banged up. When Kyle Allen started playing, I think it proved that the QB is not needed as much as Cam wants to be. McCaffery has proven himself as a MVP candidate with Cam gone. I think it is McCaffery’s team and they are going to have to start building around him as he his still young.

A lot of people see him going to the Bears. But, as read before, I’m not sure the Bears can be allowed to move on with Trubisky. I’d like to see him play in the NFL next year, but I don’t know where right now. I think him playing in Denver would be interesting. Him going to the team that has ruined his lone Super Bowl chance would be weird. But, they have an issue finding a decent QB after Peyton Manning has retired. I guarantee that Drew Lock and Joe Flacco will not be their QBs of the future. If they want another QB that can be unpredictable, here’s your man.

The biggest college football game of the season: 2 LSU at 3 Alabama

This game has been circled on my calendar for weeks. This is going to be the first real test for the Crimson Tide this season. But, Joe Burrow and the Tigers have been in these high stakes games three times, all being against top 10 teams at that point of the season. This game can either solidify Joe Burrow as my Heisman candidate or take him off my list completely. I’ve loved him the whole season but, this game is going to have the highest of stakes. If this game ends up being a close one and both of the teams win out, I could see them meeting in the College Football Playoff. No matter what happens, Tua vs. Joe is going to have implications on the 2020 NFL Draft. Everyone, going into the season, believed Tua was going first overall no questions asked. But, if Joe Burrow comes out with a better stat line and the win, why would anyone have a mock draft with Tua ahead of Joe. I guarantee an entertainment filled game.

My Prediction: LSU 28, Alabama 24

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