Monday’s Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a very chaotic football weekend.

Bama Loses to LSU

This game was, by far, the best game of the season so far. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had one of the best breakout college performances I’ve seen in a while:

My brother and I became very impressed with his effort. On many plays, he gained extra yards with multiple Alabama defenders hanging off of him. He had 180 total yards with 4 touchdowns in the victory over Bama.

We also were impressed with Joe Burrow. He’s the clear frontrunner for the Heisman trophy. Beating Bama is a tough task, but the way he shred their defense apart was just magical. As mentioned in the broadcast, he looked cool, calm, and collected throughout the entire game. 31 for 39, 3 passing touchdowns, 393 passing yards, and 64 rushing yards including a clutch run to seal the game.

For Tua, not a really great game for him. He needed to come close to matching Burrow’s stats. 21 of 40 is not the performance needed in a game of this magnitude. Some passes were overthrown, which is ver uncharacteristic for him. But, then he’ll have the one play 85 yard drive with a perfect pass to DeVonta Smith. I knew that they would get the excuse, “But, Tua wasn’t fully healthy,” when he fumbles untouched on the first drive of the game. Burrow definitely had the better game between the two and that’s why LSU won.

Also, not a good defense game on both sides.

The Boat Rows Over Penn State

This game was decided in the first half of the game. The Gophers came out firing and the Nitty Lions were slightly slower. Then, when it came to the second quarter, Minnesota had a 14 point lead at one point and I just couldn’t see them letting up. They came in on a mission, and they left with the mission completed. Let’s just say, “Minnesota isn’t underrated anymore.”

CWCFR Sweet Sixteen: Week 12

The four in:

LSU – Beat Alabama and have clearly played the toughest schedule out of the undefeated teams.

Ohio State – Has looked great in every single position, but haven’t played any competitive team yet.

Clemson – The near scare in North Carolina has put them in an underrated state, but they have regrouped in the easy ACC.

Alabama – Came close to beating the best team in the nation, but still lost.

The First Five Out:

Minnesota – The undefeated team that has played only one competitive team, but their schedule has toughen with Iowa, Northwestern, and Wisconsin to wrap up their season. I can see them playing Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship also.

Georgia – They have played a tough schedule, but the loss against South Carolina really hurts them.

Oregon – They still have path to the College Football Playoff. Especially, if Auburn upsets Alabama or any of those top 3 teams lose in their conference championship game. But first, they will have to win out.

Utah – They still are going to have a shot at the playoff. They pretty much have a walk to the Pac 12 Championship playing three below .500 teams to finish their season. The Utes might just be on the outside looking in even with a Pac 12 title due to their loss against USC earlier in the season.

Oklahoma – They are looking more human than any Lincoln Riley coached team has in the past three seasons. The Sooners will need to dominate in their last games of the season which will include undefeated Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State and a possible rematch with Baylor or Texas in the Big 12 Championship.

The five wreckers:

Baylor – They are undefeated, but have not played one ranked opponent until this week against Oklahoma. If they win, they have a huge possibility of wrecking the College Football Playoff picture.

Penn State – With the loss against Minnesota, they have a small chance of making the Big Ten Championship. But, with an upset over Ohio State, they could get a rematch with Minnesota in the Big Ten Championship and wreck the College Football Playoff picture.

Wisconsin – With a big game in the last week of the season against Minnesota, they can have a shot at the Big Ten Championship game if Minnesota were to lose another game. But, they really have no shot of making the College Football Playoff being a two loss team

Florida – Not much really to wreck here with Missouri and Florida State left on their schedule. Also, they would need Georgia to lose out if they were to make it to the SEC championship and I don’t see that happening. I just feel like I need to them to the Sweet 16 because they deserve it.

Michigan – No way they can make the College Football Playoff. But, with a win over Ohio State in the last week of the season can prevent their foes from making it to the College Football Playoff. But, first they will have to get through Michigan State which is always a tough matchup even if they are 4-5.

The Next TWO:

Cincinnati – The Bearcats only loss was to the Buckeyes. There is a microscopic possibility for them to reach the College Football Playoff, but I can see them playing in one of the big bowl games at the end of the season.

Memphis – Another American Athletic Conference team, but either one of these teams have a path to making a New Year Six Bowl.


It is getting closer and closer to the end of the season and these are my rankings for the Most Valuable Player:

Lamar Jackson

Can we just take four minutes and seventeen seconds to appreciate Lamar Jackson shredding the Bengals defense to pieces? I think yes:

He is having one of the best dual threat quarterback seasons ever to be played. He is ranked eleventh in rushing yards among all NFL players and has the twentieth most passing yards in the NFL. That puts him ninth in total yards in the NFL. He definitely has that characteristic to draw all eyes to him. I can never get enough of him. I will never get enough of him.

Christian McCaffery

Christian is having one of the best seasons by a running back since LaDainian Tomlinson’s 2006 MVP season. I think this is Christian’s award to lose. He leads the league in all-purpose and rushing touchdowns along with second in rushing yards.

Russell Wilson

Being the leader in passing touchdowns, he will be in conversations. He leads the league in passing yards per attempt which, to me, is the most important stat for a majority passing starter. Also, a very good runner. He’s ranked fifth in rushing yards by quarterback. I love the way he plays especially with the, league leading, four comebacks this season.

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