Carson’s Week in Review and Preview of Next Week: 11/25/2019

My week was pretty chaotic. On a personal note, my mother has been in the hospital since the 14th with pnemonia and low oxygen levels. But, she gets better and better each day and she should be out by Thanksgiving (fingers-crossed).

Luckily, I haven’t missed too much good football/basketball because there hasn’t been that much.

Monday Night Football: Chiefs Vs. Chargers

I thought it was interesting to see a game in Mexico. It seemed like the Chargers had a bigger fan base there than in LA. But, to me, the 24-17 final score is misleading because it really wasn’t that interesting of a game. At halftime, with it being a one-point difference, I really didn’t have an feeling that the Chargers would be back. That is sad because I think the Chargers should have a better record than they have now. Out of all their games this season, none of their losses were decided by more than one score. That usually means they should have a good season if only a handful of plays went their way instead of their opponents.

For Mahomes, he may have had his worst statistical game of his career. He only threw the ball for 182 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 interception. But, in the NFL, a win is a win at the end of the day.

Thursday Night Football: Colts at Texans

I’m going to be honest, I really did not watch the full game. I had a economics exam from 6:30-7:00PM and I was tired after due to the studying I put in before doing the exam from the night before (got a 96% on the exam incase you were wondering). But, I did stay up long enough to see the all the scores of the game which included two touchdowns from FOGer (Farm of GOATs Player [Farm of GOATs is my standard FFB name]), Deandre Hopkins. This game opened my eyes a little bit. I really haven’t seen Deshaun Watson play since the Chiefs game in Week 6, but he looked like a possible MVP if only his linemen were to improve a little bit more. Last year, the Texans allowed the most sacks in the entire league. This year they have improved to the tenth most sacks allowed. But, that is not good enough if they want a MVP canidate to survive the MVP race. On average, Watson gets sacked three times per game. I’d say they need to be in the upper half of the league and that only means shedding about a half of a sack off their average. It seems harder than it is to just say it, but it is what they need to do.

The only game I saw saturday: Penn state at ohio state

The score definetly doesn’t represent the play throughout the game. If it wasn’t for the two touchdowns within thirty seconds by Penn State, Ohio State dominated the Nittney Lions. J.K. Dobbins had a Heisman worthy game against a top-10 opponent with two rushing touchdowns and 157 rushing yards against one of the best rushing defenses going into the game. Chase Young also had a statement game with three sacks coming off a two game suspension. He is definetly the most hyped defensive college prospect that I could rememeber (I really only remember Jadeveon’s hit on the Michigan running back in the Outback Bowl throughout his career at South Carolina). I think he is more hyped than the Honey Badger (I loved his run at LSU) and I thought he was screwed out of the Heisman trophy in 2011. Without the suspension, I think Chase Young really did have a shot at the Heisman this season. I can only imagine him sacking Shea Patterson three times in his last regular season game as a Ohio State Buckeye and tying the single-season record for most sacks since 2005. Reminder: he did not play two games against Rugters and Maryland which would be a classic three sack game each. This man is the most dominant player I’ve ever seen on third down and long.

Some Pretty Crappy Football: Lions at Redskins

Living in the Metro Detroit area, one must watch the Lions lose to start off your football watching evening. I really don’t care about the Lions anymore. Here’s my two-step plan to make me a Lions fan:

Shut down Matthew Stafford for the Season

I don’t need another win from the Lions. With Stafford out, I could see them winning a maximum of two games. Odds are they will win a division game and against the Broncos. I would not like seeing them with a 5-10-1 record. But, if they could go 4-11-1 or 3-12-1 it would be ideal.

Draft and redshirt tua

I believe Tua could be the future of the league one day. It seems like he could be falling to the 7-11 range and they need to pick him. Ignore the injury concerns, another crappy lineman in front of Stafford is not going to improve the future like I see Tua doing. I also, see Matthew Stafford being a good mentor for Tua and think it will be a good passing of the thrown in Detroit.

That is how the Lions are going to be releavant in my eyes.

The sloppy Football Game: Cowboys at Patriots

This expirence of watching the game on a hospital television was quite eye opening. I now appreciate the HD TV I have even more. First, it did not help that the camera the game was being recorded on seemed to have rain on the lens the whole game. Second, the SD TV made the game feel like it was a recording of a game from the early 1990s. I loved it though. Especially, when the nurse comes in and says, “Man, why are my Cowboys this bad?” as the game was wrapping up. I HATE THE COWBOYS!


What can anyone ask more of this week? A great MNF game. Thanksgiving. The Maui Invitational. Rivalry Week. It is going to be a great week.

Monday Night Football: Ravens at Rams

If there was a place I’d love to be on Monday, it would be here. I am a huge Ravens fan incase you can’t tell based on my Lamar Jackson profile pic on Twitter. I expect a great game all-around. This is going to be a crucial game for the Rams. With the 49ers and Seahawks winning this Sunday, the Rams need to win this game or they could be hit by the Super Bowl hangover the hardest. But, can we just take three minutes and forty-one seconds to appreciate LAMAR F**KING JACKSON’S highlights from last week’s game against the Texans:

I expect a huge game from Lamar, like always. Hey, he is the leading MVP canidate going into this week.

TUESDAY Night BASKETBALL: Luka vs. Kawhi

Trust me, I’m not a guy that watches regular season NBA games in November. But, this game is going to be a must watch for me. Luka has been playing NBA First-Team basketball according the man I trust most, Bill Simmons. I didn’t really watch Luka last season besides the highlights I get scrolling throigh the timeline. This may be my first game watching Luka thus far into his career. Him playing agasinst the best player I’ve seen play in person, Kawhi Leonard Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 (I’ve seen Bron in a meaningless Game 3 vs. the Pistons in the First Round of the 2016 Playoffs, not great basketball), is a must watch.

MAUI Invitational

When it comes to in-season tournament type invitationals, the Maui Jim Maui Invitational is the best one. Who wouldn’t want to be celebrating Thanksgiving in Hiwaii with Mark Titus and Tate Fraiser (I MISS THE ONE SHINING PODCAST SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!). Also, with the possibility of the great Michigan State playing Kansas in the championship game on Wednesday, it would setup a 3 vs. 4 matchup to throw in to the mix of the holiday joy coming the next day.


This can be an entertaing day, yet has high possibilities of being boring.

The Terrible QB Clash: Bears At Lions

If my mother is still going to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving, my brother and I may be going downtown to see this game along with thousands of Canadians. Most likely, we will see Trubisky, the worst starting QB now that Rudolph was benched, going head-to-head against Driskel. He has been a delight suprise if I do say so myself. The two quarterbacks are both pretty mobile but, the ball throwing is where it gets difficult for Mitch and Jeff. With an average completion percentage of 60.35% between the two, we can expect a pretty poor offensive game. But, the Lions may have the worst defense and the Bears have a top 10, if not top 5, defense in the league. So, from my point of view, it is going to be a boring game.

The Interesting ONe: Bills at Cowboys

I think the Bills have the possibility of being The Good Bad Team (Bill Simmons, multiple occasions). Sure, they are 8-3. But, being in the AFC East, The Good Bad Team should be automatically given four wins two from the Jets and the Dolphins each. The best team they have beat may be the 6-5 Titans. Their other seven wins come from: Jets, Giants, Bengals, Dolphins, Redskins, Dolphins (again), Broncos. All really bad teams. Thus, the Bills can show us they are either a contender with a win or a pretender with a bad loss.

The Clinching One: Saints at Falcons

If the Saints win this game, the Saints can clinch the division. I don’t think the Saints are going to lose out, but I think they’d rather clinch the playoff spot the earlier the better. This game seemed like it was going to be a better one going into the season than it does now. The Falcons have been a major disappointment. I really can’t tell you why because I have seen only one of their games against the Vikings earlier in the season. It doesn’t make sense, especially with the wide reciever crew they had with Sanu (who’s on the Pats now), Ridley, and Julio Jones (argubly the best WR in the league). I would never have predicted this bad of a season. I think Dan Quinn is gone after the season for sure.

Another great rivalry week

Nothing like going to your grandparents’ house in the middle of nowhere and sitting down on the couch with college football already on the screen.

The Best One: Ohio State at michigan

The best way to get along with your family you see twice a year is not routing against their precious Michigan Wolverines. But, I HATE MICHIGAN. I think Shea Patterson will get destroyed the first half. McCaffrey will come and be destroyed in the second half. There is absolutley no way for them to avoid the destruction of Chase Young. I want to see him destroy their Senior Night so badly. I wish I could be there.

The Next One: Alabama at Auburn

The 3:30 game is going to be pretty interesting. I’d love to see Auburn beat Bama, but I don’t know if they can do it. When Tua went out with the hip injury, everyone (including me) believed their season is done. Let’s not forget that they may have the wide reciever group we look back on in twenty years and compare it to the 2011 LSU group. Jeudy can be a top five pick and I wouldn’t even flinch. Ruggs could be a mid first rounder and Smith, if he comes out, could have instant impact wherever he’d endup. This game will be decided on the Bama offensive line and Tigers defensive line. If Derrick Brown has the game he needs under his belt to boost his draft stock, the Tigers will have a shot at beating this fifth ranked Bama team.

The Forgotten One: wisconsin At Minnesota

I highly doubt this will be the main focus game on Saturday. It should be the main game though. The winner of this game goes to the Big Ten Championship game and came desrupt the College Football Playoff if they can upset the Buckeyes. I would call that a success story for the Gophers and PJ Fleck. The Row the Boat Squad has definetly been the best set of humans to play at Minnesota in a while. But, my beloved Jonathan Taylor should be in for a classic JT game. I would love to see him tack on another 200+ rushing yard game just to boost his stock. I fell in love with them when they smacked Michigan earlier this season. I hope they win and get another shot to redeem themselves against Ohio State.

BEDLAM: Oklahoma At Oklahoma State

According to the people of Oklahoma, this rivalry goes by Bedlam. Oklahoma has owned the series as of late winning the past four. Two Heisman canidates will be facing off. Jalen Hurts has been slipping to no fault of his own. But, Chubba Hubbard has been a low-key Heisman canidate. I will enjoy this night cap of a game to finish off my busy Saturday.

The end of the week: 49ers at ravens

There isn’t much to say with this game. I love Lamar, but he is going to have a difficult task ahead of him with this stingy 49ers defense. It’s going to be a great game. No doubt about that.

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