NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

I have unofficially watched more NBA Basketball today than I have watched this whole season. I could not complain about the games given today.

Going into the season, the games were getting a lot of well-deserved hype. To see a battle for LA or the WCF rematch, I’d love to see those matchups. But, I think with the falling off of the Warriors and Zion-less Pelicans, those two matchups didn’t intrigue me. With that, here are my biggest takeaways from each game today.

Celtics at Raptors

I think this game would have been much better if the best player that could play in this game played in this game. Siakam was missed very much by the Raptors, and it was clear they aren’t the same team without him. I think it just helps the Spicy P stock in this scenario. But, my biggest takeaway of the game is Richard Jefferson is going to be the best ESPN color analyst next year when Mark Jackson lands a coaching job. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Richard Jefferson calling this game. I assume this is not his first game, but I miss the good old Road Trippin’ days with Channing Frye. As expected, he called the game very well, in my opinion.

Bucks at 76ers

This game would have been better if Giannis played better. But, this may be a good sign for Sixer fans. If the Greek Freak can get slowed down enough to win games by Horford and Embiid, the Sixers will be my biggest title contender from the East. I feel like it is just a fluke, and Giannis is not going 8-27 again this season. I still would have to give the Sixers credit. They were on fire from behind the line, and Korkmaz was much-needed help off the bench. Thus, this is going to be a great Eastern Conference Finals matchup this season.

Rockets at Warriors

I’m going to be real with you: I watched a maximum of six minutes of this game. I thought Damion Lee was D’Angelo Russell for at least half of those minutes. After six minutes, I went to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Here is my review of the movie in two sentences: Great film, but I’m no critic that cares about missing information. I want some decent action that has a suitable enough storyline.

Walking out of the movie theater, I was shocked to see the Warriors getting their first win over a .500 team this season. But, not at all at the same time.

Clippers at Lakers

The Battle of LA lived up to the hype. It was, by far, the best matchup of the day, and maybe the season. I love the back and forth fight in the fourth quarter of the game. I never thought the Clippers nor the Lakers had the game in the bag until The Block (Yes, the Patrick Beverley block is going to be, The Block, from here on out). The Block is the best moment of Pat Bev’s career surpassing locking down KD in the first round of the playoffs last season. Reading the tweets as I refreshed the timeline periodically throughout the game thought LeBron looked kind of slow. That’s going to be Their excuse (Yes, LeBron fans referred to as Thier). A quote from Thier when I return to school, “But, AD and Bron were coming off injuries.” NO! Not a good excuse. Thus, Kawhi has claimed the King’s Crown for the time being.

Pelicans at Nuggets

This game, I guess, is intriguing, with the score tied with a minute left in the first half. But, it’s not even halftime, and I’ve been up for eighteen hours. I’m going to sleep. Oh shit, Reddick nailed that shot from half court.

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