The Decade in Sports

The 2010s is the first full decade I lived on Earth. It has been a massive decade for me and the world of sports. Here’s a summary of the decade through me.


LeBron James: The Most Valuable Player

As a notable LeBron hater, I have had a very up and down decade for me. I really couldn’t tell you who my favorite player of the decade is. After The Decision in 2010, my favorite player has changed from Dirk to Durant to Duncan to Curry. LeBron leaving Cleveland (the first time) has shaped my professional basketball watching career. I think he is the best player of the decade, but I can’t stand him as a player (as a human, he might be the best human in the NBA).

Stephen Curry: The Most Influential Player

Throughout the decade, I played a fair share of AAU ball. At least one time per game, a kid would pull up from thirty feet and fail miserably. That is all because of Steph. During the decade, Steph became the best shooter of all time and won two MVPs along with three NBA Titles. We will see a rise in three-point shooting just because of Curry, and I’m all in for it.

Giannis Antetokounmpo: The Player of the Next Decade

He has won the former MVP and is my early pick for the MVP this season. I think he will have a bright future as a Buck, and hopefully, he will get the support he needs to be the man of the 20s. Giannis is the most loveable player in the NBA, and I can’t see why anyone would hate him. We have seen him grow from a skinny teenager entering the league to a Mamba Mentality Maniac. I can’t wait for him to take the league by storm.

Luka Doncic: The Honorable Mention

I think he can become the best guard in the league this year. He’s only in his second year. He’s going to be in his twenties throughout the decade. Meaning, he has so much time to hit the peak of his career. The only thing I can see holding him back is the support he gets from the coaches and players on the Mavericks (Yes, I see him following the Dirk career pathway). I can see him getting overworked early in his career, leading to an injury-prone player by 2025. I can also see him not getting the correct personnel on the team, holding him away from getting the much-needed title to establish his dominance in the decade.

Kawhi Leonard: The Honorable Honorable Mention

This year, he is arguably the best player in the league (when he is playing). But, this whole load management thing is going to hold him from getting a Most Valuable Player trophy throughout his career. This situation could lead to a long career with less mileage on his feet towards the end of his career. So, I could see him being the player of the 2020s by playing deep into his thirties at a high level.


Tom Brady: The Most Valuable Player

He is the Greatest Of All Time. Throughout the decade, he has been hated but never doubted. That is why nobody can stand him outside the Boston area. I would never bet against him. For example, when they were down 28-3 in the Super Bowl against the Falcons, I told my brother, “let’s see who wins at the end of the game.” I didn’t for sure rule the game out of hand, especially when they are down four scores in the Super Bowl against that year’s MVP. He took the throne as the greatest of all time at that moment and has been to two Super Bowls since then and won one. Thus, he is still the greatest of all time.

Tyreek Hill: The Most Influential Player

I’d say, playing Madden throughout my life, I’ve been most affected by the evolution of the position of the slot receiver. Tyreek Hill has been the best at it since he entered the league in the 2016 NFL Draft. He has proved that height doesn’t matter; it’s all about speed these days. Since he came to the league, players like Marquise “Hollywood” Brown and JuJu Smith-Schuster made an immediate impact because of their ability to burn cornerbacks on the field.

Patrick Mahomes: The Player of the Next Decade

He has been in the perfect system under Andy Ried, but he has had the best output of all of his former quarterbacks. In his first real season, he won the MVP and had one of the most impressive seasons I have witnessed in the sixteen years I’ve been on this planet. I would throw this season away because of his stupid injury on Thursday Night Football against the Broncos, where he would not have to run the ball for one yard if they had a reliable running back, leading to him not missing time this season. I have high hopes he will become the best quarterback in the league for the foreseeable future.

Lamar Jackson: The Honorable Mention

He is going to win the 2019 NFL MVP, or I’m going to stop watching football (that’s how much I guarantee it is happening). He has become my favorite player this season after solidifying himself as one of my top players last year. Throughout this season, Lamar Jackson made himself and the Ravens the most watchable team I’ve ever seen (I contemplated buying Sunday Ticket to guarantee I will watch Lamar every Sunday). The only issue everyone has with him is his possible durability issue. We have never seen a dual threat quarterback last at a peak level for a sustainable period. I can only hope my favorite player stays in the league for the whole decade.

Christian McCaffrey: The Honorable Honorable Mention

He is the most workhorse running back I’ve seen. It is not a heavy load from handoffs from the quarterback, but the threat he imposes as a receiving back makes him a gamechanger on steroids. It’s the new age of running backs. Again, there are possible durability issues when it comes to running backs. The majority of running backs hit their prime before they become thirty and quickly degrade after their prime. If McCaffrey’s prime ends when he becomes thirty, he’ll be missing two years of the decade while quarterbacks like Mahomes will be firing on all cylinders well past thirty-four.

These have been my awards of the 2010s and predictions of the 2020s. I’ve enjoyed writing this piece even if no one reads it. I just love writing about sports.

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