Today, I Did A Deep Dive on: Isiah Thomas

Last night, I read the first chapter of The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons, which was based on a conversation Bill had at a topless pool with Isiah Thomas. Going into the conversation, Bill thought he was going to get pounded because that's what Isiah said would happen if they ever met. Bill is … Continue reading Today, I Did A Deep Dive on: Isiah Thomas

Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

With one game left before the All-Star Game, the Celtics were playing the Clippers at home. Jayson Tatum was coming off of a poor outing against the Rockets when he only scored 15 points on 5/15 from the field. Jayson Tatum had a performance of the ages by locking up Kawhi on defense and scoring … Continue reading Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

The NBA has become my sole focus this year. I have not gotten too interested in the college basketball season like I usually do, mainly because there are not really any intriguing players playing on winning teams. I would be enthralled into the season if James Wiseman was playing on a top-ranked Memphis team or … Continue reading The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

I have unofficially watched more NBA Basketball today than I have watched this whole season. I could not complain about the games given today. Going into the season, the games were getting a lot of well-deserved hype. To see a battle for LA or the WCF rematch, I'd love to see those matchups. But, I … Continue reading NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways