Players Inducted Into TQHOF

As time progresses, player profiles will be released on each player. But, here's the list of the Inaugural TQHOF NFL Players Class: 1960s Jim Brown Johnny Unitas Gale Sayers 1970s Walter Payton Joe Greene Terry Bradshaw 1980s Joe Montana Lawrence Taylor Dan Marino 1990s Jerry Rice Barry Sanders Brett Favre 2000s Peyton Manning Ray Lewis … Continue reading Players Inducted Into TQHOF

Introduction to The Quarterblogger’s Hall of Fame

The NBA has gone through a terrible 24+ hours with the passing of Kobe Bryant along with eight others. With the passing of Kobe, I have realized things I like to do, and the things I don't care about doing. Instead of playing video games by myself in the basement, I am writing this on … Continue reading Introduction to The Quarterblogger’s Hall of Fame